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9th November breathe

Posted on Thursday November 6th, 2014, by Leadership Team |
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Just letting you know that it is breathe this Sunday and it would be lovely to see you if you can make it.

As you probably know the 9th November is Remembrance Sunday this year, a day that will importantly think about lives lost in war. Building upon the days reflections at this month’s breathe we will remember the need to stand for peace something that must not be forgotten in a world still at war. How can being peaceful people, affect change around us and bring peace to our world? Where do we have conflict within us? Where in the world can we stand for peace?
Our time together will be one of stillness and contemplation, singing of chants, readings from scripture, music, image and ritual. Not forgetting good tea, coffee and cake at the end!
breathe begin at 7.30pm in the hall at the back of St Ives Methodist Church if you would like to join us.