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cafe this Sunday!!!

Posted on Thursday March 16th, 2017, by Leadership Team |
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Slide1We hope you are enjoying the early signs of Spring beginning to emerge all around us. But it is not just this that is good news it is also cafe church this weekend at St Ives Methodist Church!

It would lovely to see you if you can come along- it will be the same mix of activities around tables, singing some songs, drinking plenty of tea and coffee, reading the papers and eating the pastries.

The drinks will be ready to go from 10am so arrive anytime from then. The service starts at 1030ish, once we’ve all found a table and cuppa. But don’t worry if you are running late, we know the weekend is the only time in a busy world when you don’t have to rush everywhere.

Hope to see you and if there is anything we can do then let us know.

12th March breathe

Posted on Thursday March 9th, 2017, by Leadership Team |
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After a month off in February we are pleased to say that breathe is back this month.

Our thoughts will be focused on the season of Lent, a time when we remember Jesus being tested in the wilderness for forty days and forty nights as he prepared for what was next.  We will be using this story to reflect on how it can be a time for us to let go of things that distract us or get in the way of seeing, who we truly are and what we are called to do. Or put another way- the boxes we get stuck in or building around ourselves.

The time together will be its usual balance of image and music, simple songs and readings, silence and ritual. 

It all begins at 7.30pm in St Ives Methodist Church hall (so please use the side door). It will last around about an hour and if you have time we would love it if you could stay for coffee and cake afterwards.