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Cafe Church 18th Feb

Posted on Thursday February 15th, 2018, by Leadership Team |
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18th Feb Cafe Service

Hello Everyone,

We just wanted to let you know that it is café church this Sunday and we can’t wait to make you a cup of coffee and seeing as Lent is coming we are having mini-pancakes!

The service begins at 10.30am but the drinks and food are ready from 10am so come anytime from then. As always, if you are running the late you probably won’t be last and the coffee will still be waiting!

The service will be a mix of talking and activities round tables, sing some songs (if you want to, not if you don’t), some moments of stillness and some reflections on the Bible.

So hopefully, see you Sunday but if not have a great time whatever you up to.

If we can be of any help then let us know.

Matt and the café team.

11th Feb breathe

Posted on Thursday February 8th, 2018, by Leadership Team |
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180211 breathe flyer dust

Just to let you know that it is breathe this weekend and it would be lovely to see you if you can make it.

The theme is ‘dust’. As Ash Wednesday and Lent approach (the time when Jesus went into the wilderness) breathe will explore the idea of being created from dust and the breath of God that gives us life. We will contemplate the ways we are shaped and crafted into who we are.

The time together will be the usual mix of stillness and silence, image and video, simple music and ritual. And of course followed by tea, coffee and something to eat.

It all begins at 7.30pm in St Ives Methodist Church hall, so please come in via the side door.

We hope to see you but if we can’t then have a great time wherever you are.

Matt and the breathe team.