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9th June breathe

Posted on Friday June 7th, 2019, by Leadership Team |
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190609 breathe spirit flyerWe just wanted to let you know that breathe is happening this Sunday at St Ives Methodist Church and as ever we would love to see you.

It is a significant Sunday for the church called Pentecost and moment when we focus our attention on God as Spirit. We will do this together using image and film, stillness and ritual, contemplation and simple chants. In the midst of ourbusy complicated world, our time together will be a moment to pause and reflect on who were are, and who God is.

breathe┬ástarts at 7.30pm and will last around an hour. We always have drinks and something to eat afterward, if you stay great but if you need to get of quick that’s fine too.

We hope to see you but if not have a great weekend wherever you are.

Matt and the breathe team