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Leadership Team

Rev Matt Finch

Matt is the minister of the Church.

On a sunny day he is in the garden digging pak choi.

On a rainy Monday morning he is usually catching up on email or planning a café church service.

At home he has two boys who are regularly sick on him and hide his tools.

When it comes to faith he believes all things, hopes all things, expects all things.

On a desert island he would have an espresso maker and a steady supply of coffee beans.

If you would like to contact Matt please email

Vanessa Murphy


official photoI’m hoping you can use this photo but I can find others if needs be.

On a sunny day I’m going for a run along the busway, or at least thinking I should be.

On a rainy Monday I’m doing housework, or more likely, planning a trip somewhere.

At home I’m editing a book or preparing the notice sheet.

On a desert island I would need a big supply of Earl Grey tea!

When it comes to faith I believe nothing is impossible with God.

Clive Jones

Clive is one of the Leadership Team.

On a sunny day Clive is out walking, plane spotting or both!

On a rainy Monday morning Clive is wishing the decorating was done.

At home Clive’s reading up on church conspiracies!

When it comes to faith he knows God is always with him, even when he thinks he doesn’t need him to be!

On a desert island he would be “looking for the moon”.

If you would like to contact Clive please email

Carol Hall

carol hallOn a rainy Monday morning Carol is still walking dogs wishing the rain would stop.

At home Carol loves to do art and crafts jigsaws and read.

When it comes to faith. Carol knows a personal relationship with God and is training to be a Local Preacher.

On a desert island Carol would have books to read, her radio with Premier Praise on all the Tim a local preacher.

If you would like to contact Carol please email