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24-7 Prayer

It would be true to say that you can’t really explain a 24-7 prayer room, it needs to be experienced. Every so often here at SIMC we transform the Doctor’s Room or the Upper Room and people to commit to come and pray in there for an hour or two, round the clock, day and night, 24-7.

It is a very creative space and in the room there’s plenty of things to do – you can read, paint, write, and/or listen to music. It’s a space to just be, to pray, to reflect, to find God in our busy world. Lives are changed in a 24-7 prayer room, people move on with God, people search deeper within themselves.

These are things people say about the Prayer Room.

I signed up for an hour because I felt I ‘should,’ I came wondering what on earth I’d do to fill the time, then when i looked at the clock I only had 5 mins left!
Incredible sense of peace here.  Good time of re-focussing life.  Came in feeling tired and left refreshed.
A time to reflect in the presence of the Lord. A wonderful experience.  I felt like a sponge soaking up peace and meaning.

Keep a look out here for the next one at SIMC

For more about the 24-7 prayer movement have a look here.